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GOOD FOOD & WINE SHOW Johannesburg 21-24 Sept 2013

Spioenkop's winemaker to be Top Attraction at Jhb Good Food & Wine Show

Johannesburg will be transformed into the city of culinary gold when the Good Food & Wine Show celebrates the latest trends.

TOP ATTRACTION - 21-24 Sept 2013

Spioenkop’s winemaker gon' give you what your body is cryin for “stealing the show” with our newest releases.

Read more on Good Food & Wine Show here.



Over 100 years ago, on the evening of Tuesday 23 January 1900, 1 700 British troops deployed to South Africa prepared to attack their enemies on a hill in Natal known as Spionkop – the name ‘Spioenkop’, meaning ‘Spy Hill’ or 'Lookout Hill', was coined by the Dutch settlers for the commanding views it afforded of the slopes and valley below. During the days that followed, a bloody battle ensued... Read more

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