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Spioenkop "1900" Pinotage 2012 nominated for 5 stars in Platter 2014


Hot off the press. Spioenkop is again nominated for 5 stars ( 2012 vintage) in the “Platter” 2014 edition. Last time that we were nominated was for our maiden vintage 2010 and we didn’t make it. Strange enough there were no 5 stars ratings for Pinotages in the 2013 Platter edition, so keep fingers crossed!

What do we have already:

Platter Wine Guide 2013

    “1900” Pinotage 2011                         4 (*) stars
    “1900” Sauvignon Blanc 2011            4 stars
    “1900” Chenin Blanc 2011                  4 stars
    Spioenkop Riesling 2011                     4 stars
    Spioenkop Sauvignon Blanc 2011      4 (*) stars




Over 100 years ago, on the evening of Tuesday 23 January 1900, 1 700 British troops deployed to South Africa prepared to attack their enemies on a hill in Natal known as Spionkop – the name ‘Spioenkop’, meaning ‘Spy Hill’ or 'Lookout Hill', was coined by the Dutch settlers for the commanding views it afforded of the slopes and valley below. During the days that followed, a bloody battle ensued... Read more

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