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Koen’s obsession with the Cape winelands that developed into a passion for the Elgin terroir began over 10 years ago. No doubt those who are up-to-date with the South African wine industry’s ‘hit parade’ will understand what the Belgian winemaker is getting at when he says that: “The Elgin area is the future gold of the Western Cape.”

Already many of the big-name wineries in various other regions buy in grapes from Elgin, probably still better known for its apples and enclosed by the Kogelberg Nature Reserve. Almost like a crater, circular with a mountainous perimeter, the farmlands of Elgin are on a plateau at an altitude of some 200m at its lowest point. The height above the sea, visible from the ridge of the ‘crater’, makes for a temperature range that is about 3ºC lower than in the neighbouring areas, and, as Spioenkop is situated directly in the path of the cold sea wind when it funnels through the valley, the Spioenkop‘s vineyards are among the coolest in Elgin.

View more on the activities in the Elgin valley by visiting the ELGIN VALLEY WINE GUILD or ELGIN VALLEY TOURISM websites.





Over 100 years ago, on the evening of Tuesday 23 January 1900, 1 700 British troops deployed to South Africa prepared to attack their enemies on a hill in Natal known as Spionkop – the name ‘Spioenkop’, meaning ‘Spy Hill’ or 'Lookout Hill', was coined by the Dutch settlers for the commanding views it afforded of the slopes and valley below. During the days that followed, a bloody battle ensued... Read more

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